Garret Hawklight

Nice attire, quick wit, and a leather whip


HP: 10

AC: 15 / Touch : 11 / Flat-Footed : 14
Fortitude: 1 / Reflex: 3 / Will: 1

Race: Human
Languages: common

Traits: Prehensile Whip, Fate’s Favored
Drawbacks: Vain


Garret learned from a young age that there was always an alternative to violence. He came to learn that quick thinking and a quicker whip was more that enough to handle any situation he came up against. Garret favors a silver tongue over a sharpened blade any day.

The son of famed researcher Ethan Hawklight, Garret spent his youth reading the books in his father’s library reading about magic, history, and anything in between. His favorite was the writings about Dorne and the magnificent palace he lived in. Garret shared his father’s interest in the pursuit of knowledge, however unlike his father Garret had a greater sense of adventure. On the day of his father’s death, he took to following up on fact and rumor alike in pursuit of untold treasure and adventure of legendary proportion.

Garret’s first hunt went much more unfortunately than he had expected. His first trip led him to the caved-in ruins of an ancient city. He went in defenseless and unexpectedly had a run-in with a tribe of goblins that made the caverns home, he would have died if not for being rescued by a roguish man named Cyrus McCreedy. Cyrus had been following the greenhorn treasure hunter as he foolishly wandered into the dangerous ruins. Garret was astonished by his savior’s skill with a whip as he sent the goblins running.

From then on, Garret became apprentice to Cyrus. Learning many of the facets that go into being a successful treasure hunter. From lock picking to self defense, Cyrus was a valuable asset to Garret. One day, Cyrus disappeared as mysteriously as he came leaving only his whip and a note assuring Garret that he had learned everything he could teach him.

From the on Garret ventured forth for the Treasure of Dorne’s Palace and wealth beyond his wildest dreams.

Garret Hawklight

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