Sibel Balgarath

HP: 8


HP: 8
AC: 10 / Touch :10 / Flat-Footed – 14
Fortitude: 2 / Reflex: 0 / Will: 2

Age: 32
Race: Human
Languages: common

Short term Goal:

Set up a little school for the Til and Stonnen kids. Or if there’s a school in the new city we discovered, offer services there.

Longterm Goal:
Find out who his parents are. Why is his blood tainted and with what. Free the demon, Murder.


They told Sibel he was found on the steps of Arcane School of the Naur(“Fire” in Elvin), on a rainy night, crying. A baby, newly born reaching out for his mother. Roderick Bolgar, a senior teacher of the school, was the Mage who opened the door that night to Sibel. Roderick raised him and Sibel has looked at Roderick as a father ever since.

Sibel was looked down upon by the students who attended classes there. Sibel wasn’t a student. He was more of a caretaker, taking care of the property, keeping things clean and tidy. However, at night when everyone slept, Sibel would stay up to read scrolls and go over spells and lessons the teachers had taught that day. Still magic was hard for Sibel to conjure within himself, but he’s not without power. There’s a darkness he feels inside of him as well. Roderick has warned Sibel of a tainted blood in him, but to not fear it it, to use it. Sibel however is unconvinced.

In fact when Sibel turned 18, he started to hear a voice in his head. A dark voice, low and haunting. Soft in the beginning, but with the years, grew stronger. A voice that spoke evil and vile things and appealed to the darkness in Sibel. The devil’s advocate to any of Sibel’s good intentions. It called itself, Ram. Sibel appealed to Roderick about it, but Roderick was dumbfounded. The mages at school couldn’t find any information in their studies about Ram. But they’ve all decided to cast a spell to suppress its influence on Sibel. And so it was. Sibel wouldn’t hear Ram directly anymore, but he still came to Sibel in his dreams.

Sibel continued to move up the ranks in the staff and eventually he was a teacher to low level students at the school. Teaching Mathematics and Common to all the young wizards. His spell casting was still very low compared to the other teachers on staff. However he was loved by his students and he loved them as well. But there was always a the voice of wickedness.

The Arcane School of Naur naturally specializes in elemental spells involving fire. The younger students learned about the arts, but only the older students get to train in fire casting. It wasn’t uncommon to see some students accidentally lighting chairs or drapes on fire; teachers were there to quickly extinguish the flames.

Ram is part of a legion of demon minions to their Balor demon, Krono. (Balor Demons, the most powerful of Demons of the abyss.) However, Ram felt it was time for him to rise in ranks. Ram couldn’t overpower Krono physically even with the help of the other minions at his side. No, Ram was to rise to power by having the most powerful of all Balor demons, Khorramzadeh, acknowledge his worth. Behind Krono’s back, Ram devised a plan a mass genocide through a tainted bloodline. (Sibel) It was difficult for Ram to come into the material world, but his influence on the inhabitants of the plane was easy. Ram wasn’t particularly as strong demon, by demon standards but was really good at influencing others through speech. And so he found Sibel who’s ancestors, many generations past dealt in the dark arts. Ram was stubborn in his ways and did not solely give up on Sibel when caster prevented him from influencing Sibel at a young age. No… Ram waited and dropped seeds of wickedness in Sibel’s ear through the years. Until he made the thought of killing his young students so enticing, he could not resist. In dreams he would come to Sibel, in breezes in the wind. Sibel was kindhearted, but Ram knew he would break him eventually.

There was another task Ram wanted of Sibel. On the shattered Islands of Kaelish, there had been a secret order in the past who had captured Ram’s brother, Murder. Murder could only be freed from the other side. And so Ram began his work on Sibel to get him away from the school of little shits, and to free his brother. He gave Sibel visions of the island in dream and whispered words to him, incantations and spells beyond Sibel’s abilities to cast… But Ram knew the magic on the island was strong and if Sibel went there, he would become powerful enough to perform what was needed to free Murder. And if Sibel failed. No matter, Sibel wasn’t the only being of that plane, he had influenced with the same tasks.

Sibel woke up one morning sick and weakened, a headache and a cold. But he pressed forward to go teach that morning because he had never missed a day in his career. The voices were strong today however, it must be of his cold. The sickness become stronger. Soon after class started he collapsed… Ram saw this as the opportunity he had waited for.

“…Awaken Sibel, kill them all and run to where you are meant to be…”

Sibel stood up, eyes glazed over with a smirk on his face, opened his mouth and fire of immense ferocity engulfed the classroom fill with 24 young children the ages 8-10. All burning to death in front of him. As he came to, he found himself laughing hysterically, but his laughter turned to shock at the horror that he saw before him. Sibel called for help to extinguish the flames and the other teachers came, but by then it was too late.

The teachers had questioned Sibel, and warned him that when the parents found out, they would kill him. They all were horrified at the happenings, but you could see the determination to end Sibel’s life. He swore it wasn’t him who did it or he was under a spell or something. It had to have been Ram. Roderick looked Sibel, his adopted son, whom he loved as his own, nodded. And cast a force spell to hold the rest of the staff back. And told Sibel to run… Sibel ran and the last thing he saw of Roderick was the other casters tearing Roderick apart with their magic.

How could this had happened Sibel thought… He is a danger to himself and to those around him.. He needs to find the answers. Who is Ram? How could he stop Ram’s influence over him. Redemption… Atonement for his sins… Did his parents have something to do with this? Was he cursed because of what they’ve done? Of all uncertainties, there’s one thing he knew for sure. He needed to goto the Shattered Isles of Kaelish. Surely the answers would be found there.

Sibel Balgarath

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