Igurg Zahgigot

an unfortunate looking half-orc, wearing paladin gears


Height: 6’8
Age: 28
HP: 17
Weapon: great axe

Has the face that makes you want to look away. He’s charming though.


Igurg was raised by his half-orc mother. Together they lived comfortably in a large manor just outside the capital city. Igurg and his mother never travelled outside; all food and resources were prepared by the manor’s staffs. The manor was given by his human father, who he only saw once a year. Their interactions were limited to awkward handshakes and small talks, but Igurg still loved spending time with him. His father and mother were never married; it was possible that their relationship was also hidden from society.

When Igurg was in his teenager years, he grew tired of living in the manor and wished to travel outside. His mother strongly disagreed. She warned him that half-orcs were not well-accepted by humans and that the outside world was a dangerous place. But Igurg was determined. So one night, he sneaked outside the manor and headed downtown.

He was surprised to see many poor people were living in the slums. A lot of them were suffering from diseases and hunger. Igurg could see luxurious homes and tall buildings standing not far from the slums. The corruption and disparity shocked him, but what he couldn’t believe was the fact that his father was the mayor of the city.

A week after his little adventure, Igurg disappeared from the manor. He left a note to his mother, saying that he wanted to travel and help those in need. Igurg discarded his last name and became a paladin.

At first, the humans were wary of a half-orc paladin. But he proved himself time after time. He worked for the poor and rarely asked for anything in return; he punished those who lie and steal without mercy. Igurg became well-liked by the people in the city, especially those who are poor. One day, he would want to take over his father’s place and clean up the society.

Igurg Zahgigot

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