Devin Qwill

Child like features standing 3 feet with a thick curly hair and lots of scarfs wrapped around his head


AC: 19 / AC: Touch – 13 / AC: Flat-Footed – 15 / HP: 10
Saves: Fortitude: 1 / Reflex: 6 / Will: 5
Bab: 1 / CMB: 0 / CMD: 13

Dagger [19-20×2 / P/S / 10 ft / 1d3]
Throwing Axes [ x2 / s / 10 ft / 1d4]
Hammer light [ x3 / B / 1d4]
Short Bow [ x3 / P / 60ft / 1d4]

Languages: Common / Halfling / Gnome / Evlin


Devin grew up in a rather humble place of origin with a family that his father was a mushroom grower and his mother nit cloths and sold them at the market. This would be a place of happiness but like any great upbringing conflict never seems to be far off the horizon.

The city that Devin came from was invaded some time ago by hostile purist that felt that race mixing and heretic religions needed to be put in their place. Soon there was civil unrest as this cut throat religion (Evengalions -they have a symbol of a mocking bird wrapped in thorns) quickly took over the local government. Devin grew up with a unshakable understanding that all people no matter their race had a place at the table and no one was above another. His family tried to stay hidden and kept to themselves but Devin was not going to have any of that and quickly as he turned 16 he had enough and joined the resistance to try and topple the government and bring back a time of equality.

Do to his small stature and child like features he was many times mistaken for a normal human child sense he kept his head bound in scafes do to the fringed air of his home town sense it was off the sea serving as a major port city he liked to stay warm. Learning the crafts of espionage and explosives he was able to blend into crowds going un noticed caring important documents for the resistance and handling missions that someone without a face that stands out was perfect for.

His father and mother begged him to not continue to be involved telling him that time would change everything and that this would blow over. But by the age of 27 when orphanages were being targeted as possible places for the rebels the local government would send in troops to fire on site on any one that was thought to be a rebel no matter their age or gender. This was the last straw for Devin and from here on he committed himself fully into the missions of the rebels and stopped only targeting officers going for possibly there family as well to try and put a clear message. As far as he saw it they brought this onto themselves and should never way on his conches.

For every public execution that the government had in the town square there would be a officials family member found hung in there room with their eyes sown shut and there face frozen in a never ending scream as they burned slowly alive. Freedom is never free it always comes with the highest price.

Physical Description: Standing a poultry 3 feet tall his feet are wrapped in bandages to hide the tuffs of hair that grow on top. He wears dirty clothes that are stained with sweat and other things that he has been crawling in the sewers to move around the city un noticed. He has bright green eyes and a child like face plump. He wears layers of scarf’s that hang in every direction around his upper body and all the way up to his eyes hiding his ears from prying eyes and keeping him snug and warm at all times. His eyes are all the give away the possible human child like appears as they are cold and dead to the world. They are the eyes of a hunter and a killer not that of a child full of wonderment. He has a head full of curly blond hair that is un managed and un kept.

He has a backpack full of nick knacks and same with his large brawd leather belt that has lots of pouches all along it. He where’s a ruddy old cloak that drags on the cloths almost comically. His weapons sit nestled under his over coat with a dagger hidden at his ankle wrapped close to the skin and several throwing axes lined up along his belt at easy access. His short bow is tucked snugly behind him on his pack with a quick draw string rigged so he can produce it fast and still stay on his pack when he needs to climb and run around.

Devin Qwill

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