The Shattered Islands of Kaelish

Rise of the Whisperer

Rise of the Whisperer

The Whisperer? Yes, I think we shall all be grateful of his defeat. Personally, I am very proud to serve the mage responsible for his fall, but still many awful things came of that. We are still very much curious about his rise to power, though he seemed to keep things rather quiet in the beginning….yes the beginning what a strange start.

You of course know of the Shattered Islands? Well believe it or not, we once had a kingdom there, founded by Dorne. Anyway, one day, about 70 years back, the island went dark. No ships returned from it, and nothing was heard. The Desnician Order, also known by the laymen as The Circle of Mages, whom I, by way of my master serve, immediately dispatched a large team of wizards to investigate. If I am not mistaken, the mage tower in the Shattered Islands was well regarded as the premier institute for experimental magic; it also happened to be the current home of the Order’s council.

Well naturally, the remaining Order members dispatched this team. And then they were lost and never heard from again, and mind you these were top notch wizards almost the best as it turns out. And that was that, for fifty or so years. No one dared to venture to the Islands.

Foolish as it may have been, many people, I think, didn’t want to even think about what had happened. I guess we were all just hoping we would be left alone if we didn’t try to go to the Islands. Well, we were wrong.

After fifty years of nothing, not hearing even a peep from the Islands, ships ran ashore with monstrous deformed elves and they attacked many small villages along the coast. Soon after, undead swarmed the larger towns throughout Kaelish. Eventually, even Klasch was sacked; I stood by my master as he watched the Whisperer raze the city. You have to understand, Kaelish had gone so long without conducting war, that it had forgotten how to defend itself. As our armies fell one by one, the Whisperer’s grew and grew. Before long, Kaelish was overrun, and Elitch, the region to the south, was beginning to be invaded.

Everything seemed so gloom, I remember thinking that this would be it, that the world would be consumed by this thing. My master, Lord Aithne, however was not overcome with dismay when we watched, from a distance, the fall of Klasch.

He was always a bit strange though, I know when I was first assigned to him, he couldn’t speak a word of common, and yet within the following month, I had to start looking up his dictations in a dictionary, thinking he had made some of these words up. Alas, his vocabulary had overcome mine, imagine that! Anyway, he saw something that night, when Klasch was razed. He made sure I had arrangements to safely escape the area, and then he disappeared for a while, saying he had to go back home.

Well about a month later, he shows up again, his normally neatly shaved face had sprouted a thick beard, I swear if it wasn’t for his long ears he’d have looked like a tall dwarf. He looked like he’d been to hell and back, honestly I wondered how far from the truth this actually was, but he consulted the general of the Elitch Army, found out where the Whisperer was, and we ported right to him. I will tell you, I have never been more terrified in my life, I knew we were done for, do you understand? I knew it; I can’t tell you how that feels, to be so far beyond certainty about your coming death, it is quite a feeling.

Anyway, Drem shouts out the the whisperer, a massive cloaked figure with scythe fingers and what seemed to be mummified lips, “Go back fiend, back to where you come!”

It turned towards us, and I could feel my heart sinking I felt my consciousness start to slip, and then I heard it. I still don’t remember exactly what it was, but it certainly was of my master’s voice. He shouted something, almost in a tongue I could hardly expect, but then he said what he had said before. “Go back fiend” and whatnot.

Well just before I lost consciousness, the thing smiled, there was as crack, and I fell unconscious.

When woke, I was in an Elitch Camp, there were many injured soldiers, and my master stood by a fire consulting the general. Well, after that day, the armies fell easier, and better yet the dead stopped joining their team. Thus began the era of reconstruction and reclamation. Small packs of undead are found here and there, but most have been slain.

Anyway, like I said, now that the Whisperer is gone, we can all move on, and now that the Shattered Islands have been granted to Lord Aithne, I’m sure its just a matter of time before an exploration crew is sent out there.

-Lester Wallace, Scribe for Lord Drem Aithne



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